May 20, 2016

WebProtectMe Safe Browser 2.0.30 is out!

iCloud-assisted setup,
iPad Pro optimized
& bug fixes.

We’ve been hard at work on enhancing Safe Browser with new features, and a few important bug fixes (there’s more goodies coming soon too!).

We’re proud to announce a few new features…

  • iCloud-assisted setup for new devices. Now it’s even easier to setup multiple devices with Safe Browser. If you’ve already installed Safe Browser on an iOS device, when you setup additional iOS devices we’ll use iCloud to pre-populate your WebProtectMe account username. Even more helpful, if you’ve saved your WebProtectMe password into iCloud Keychain, we’ll automatically try to log you in.
  • Increased stability and performance for overseas customers. Improved stability and page loading speed for customers located far from our WDC, DAL, LAX filtering servers.
  • iPad Pro Optimized. Added icons and images specially-optimized for the iPad Pro’s larger screen.
  • Removed “Show Tabs” Ad. Removed the extra ad that displayed for Basic plan customers when showing multiple tabs.
  • Reworked User Reviews. We’ve completely reworked the way we ask for App Store reviews to be less intrusive and make it easier to convert your feedback into support conversations.

… and we squashed a few bugs.

  • Fixed 598928. “Open In” now restores the darker header color when it’s done, so views like History have the proper color scheme again.
  • Fixed 598929. If “Open In” fails to appear, we now display an error message to the user that no apps on the device can open a document of that type.
  • Fixed 598930. “Open In” no longer fails to transfer the document to the requested app if the original URL of the document had no filename specified (defaults to “index” if not specified).
  • Fixed 598934. The “Open In” file cache could grow forever until the app was deleted. Now we clear it at every app launch and when the user explicitly clears cookies and data.
  • Fixed 598970. Auto-suggest list no longer leaves a vertical gap between list and keyboard when switching from Emoji keyboard back to US keyboard.
  • Fixed 599162. Corrected out-of-bounds issue that occurred when trying to display an auto-suggest row that no longer existed.
  • Fixed 599596. Spotlight reindexing no longer crashes if Spotlight asks to reindex a bookmark that doesn’t exist anymore.
  • Fixed 600714. Added NSLocationWhenInUseUsageDescription text, for websites requesting GPS location.
  • Fixed 603458. Hard set audio mode as playback to address situations where after using Bluetooth or AirPlay, videos occasionally could play without sound.
  • Fixed 604768. Increased stability when switching between data centers. Addresses the unexpected crashes seen for some users.
  • Fixed 604798. Suppress “missing cache entry” error that would occur when ad sites improperly return 304 Not Modified.
  • Fixed 604811. Could end up with no browser tabs if launched from Handoff and Handoff experienced a failure.
  • Fixed 604876. Attempting to reorder a bookmark before a bookmark tag could cause a crash since tags aren’t moveable. Prevent bookmarks from being dropped into the tags area.
  • Fixed 605038. Cancelling the iCloud Keychain password manager, could leave the login and account settings user interface in a disabled state after iCloud Keychain has been dismissed.
  • Fixed 605143. Fixed 2-4 sec pause when app was launched or came to the foreground from background. Removed the culprit ad attribution library.

How to take advantage of these new features.

It’s simple…upgrade to Safe Browser 2.0.30 on the App Store:


You have to be running iOS 8.1 or newer to install Safe Browser 2.0. Its a free upgrade, so upgrade today!

If you have any questions, please ask us:

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