October 2, 2017

WebProtectMe™ Initiates Real-Time Internet Detection of Emotional & Mental Health Vulnerabilities of Troubled Adults & Adolescents

Pressemitteilung / Press Release

October 2017 (Boise, ID USA): DigiTar announced today the enhancement of its WebProtectMe™ Mobile Device cloud protection services with advanced Mental Health Filtering Expertise known as BeCalmassistive streaming procedures.

BeCalm™: What is it?

Today, many teenagers, face some form of physical embarrassment or social stigma in their life causing them to react with “Self-Harm”; a growing phenomenon affecting both teenagers and adults, consisting of behaviors such as cutting, burning, over-dosing, pinching, causing damage to the skin and body and is most prevalent in teenage girls.

DISTRACTION is key to avoiding the temptation to self-harm. By immediately changing the thought processes and be actively challenged – the urge can pass. Using DigiTar’s WebProtectMe safe browser, all web search traffic is routed through our filtering servers to protect and secure search requests and data.

We also added BeCalm™ screening, as an extra level of advanced protection for our Premium Mobile Cloud protected subscribers. When BeCalm is enabled, WebProtectMe will continually analyze all web search requests for possible compulsive self-harming content or predispositions.

What’s the Benefit?

Immediate Intervention!  Self-Harm has a ”notice me” component, usually linked with depression, that’s compulsive and overwhelming. The person feels out of control and is unable to stop it once started.

BeCalm fosters the development of good mental health through early detection and prompt intervention.

Collaboration with Healthcare professionals, via WebProtectMe-Guardian reporting, provides progress and relapse evidence for young people, their families, and to help the individual enhance their resilience and sense of individual responsibility.

BeCalm focuses on early awareness and intervention in eating disorders, depression, anxiety, self-harm, and addiction.

Best of all, BeCalm™ is included with WebProtectMe™ Premium at no extra charge.

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