Sentinel Web™


Reduce Spending

Eliminate wasted bandwidth and paying for personal internet use

Increase Productivity

Stop non-work surfing and refocus on work related activities

Protect Infrastructure

Avoid lost revenues, damaged customers, and the cost of cleaning up viruses

Eliminate Liability

Prevent downloading of offensive and unprofessional content

Skyrocket employee productivity with premiere web protection

How Sentinel Web worksDo your employees spend more time reading their personal webmail than their company inbox?

Are they downloading pictures that put you on the hook for harassment?

How can you stop it before it happens?

With Sentinel Web™.

Keep your employees focused on the organization instead of the latest social media distraction, or worse.

stat-icon-1 30% or more of each workday is lost to personal Internet usage.

Lost productivity is not the only thing that comes from an unprotected web. Data breaches, phishing attacks and virus infections are now mainly delivered through the web. With new infected sites coming on-line every hour, anti-virus on your workstations can’t keep up. You need a constantly updated, in-the-cloud solution that protects you in real-time.

biohazard 90% of spam links to websites with viruses and other threats.

Our ongoing indentification and classification infrastructure provides essential protection for today’s real-time cyber attacks that threaten sensitive information assets and productivity.

As a cloud-based solution, Sentinel Web™ will keep your employees on track and protected, with zero software, hardware, or maintenance. Just set it and forget it.

Features & Benefits

  • Manage when and where your employees can surf the web
  • Eliminate productivity loss & wasted resources
  • Guard against hostile workplace liability
  • Accurately block adult and offensive web content
  • Protect against web-based threats outside your enterprise perimeter
  • Continuous automatic protection updates
  • Dual-layer spyware & virus protection
  • Keep 3rd party webmail from delivering viruses into your organization
  • Dynamic Web Classification™ rapidly identifies new suspicious content and threats
  • Real-time reputation & behavioral analysis
  • Unique internet-wide visibility of the threat landscape