Sentinel Messaging™

Eliminate Spam and Nothing Else.

Proprietary Personalized Protection delivers all the mail you want and eliminates the spam you don't.

Increase Revenue

Stop wasting time dealing with ineffective your employees to work without limits.

Safeguard Employees

Keep offensive and threat-filled email from reaching your employees.

Shrink Liability

Eliminate the risk of infecting your customers and business partners.

Total e-mail security. All of what you want, none of what you don’t.

What’s the cost of legitimate email being caught in your quarantine?

Can you block employees from infecting co-workers and customers with phishing threats?

Whether it’s the quarantined message you didn’t see that cost you a deal, thousands in clean up costs when employees click on phishing messages, or the time wasted removing spam from your inbox every day, the accuracy of your email filter counts!

Only Sentinel Messaging™ has proprietary eStrand™ DNA analysis for 99.9% accuracy.

60 minutes every day per employee is lost dealing with missed spam and incorrectly blocked messages.

Achieving 99.9% accuracy is only possible through personalized spam detection. Popular spam engines require you to make a compromise: either, almost no legitimate messages in your quarantine, or almost no spam in your inbox. They say you can't have both. We don't think you should have to choose. Our proprietary iSTAT™ engine learns from you, and builds a custom training overlay that's personalized to you get all the mail you want, and none of what you don't.

400 directory harvest attacks target the average company every day.

In addition to unrivaled spam accuracy, Sentinel Messagingâ„¢ also makes managing your e-mail security effortless. veriSYNC™ automatically keeps Sentinel Messaging™ in sync with your internal user LDAP required. Combined with our proprietary Directory Harvest and Denial-of-Service protection technologies, your mail security has never been safer or easier to manage.

Unrivaled security and accuracy with world-class service and support. We handle all the hard parts so you can focus on your business priorities!

Features & Benefits

  • 99.9% Overall Classification Accuracy
  • Spam detection personalized to your unique preferences.
  • iSTAT™ engine with exclusive eStrand™ DNA message analysis.
  • Context-aware inspection catches only mail you don't want.
  • iMUN™ outbreak detection for immediate zero-hour threat protection.
  • Automatically learns new spam/threats via our exclusive global monitoring network.
  • Internet-wide view of the threat landscape.
  • Total multi-engine anti-virus & anti-phishing protection.
  • No hardware, no maintenance, no hassle.
  • Deploys in minutes.
  • veriSYNC™ automatic user account provisioning and sync.
  • Proprietary directory harvest protection.
  • Near zero administration.
  • Comprehensive shielding from denial-of-service.
  • Complete inbound and outbound security.
  • neverLost™ delivery assurance and disaster recovery.


DigiTar's Sentinel Messaging(tm) solution works seamlessly with IBM Domino and Lotus Notes to provide advanced state of the art e-mail security.
IBM Business Partner
Novell Technology Partner