Premiere Sharepoint™

No Hassle

No software to download. No server to maintain. No licenses to manage. We'll handle setup and maintenance - just sign up and go!

Advanced Document Management

Advanced document sharing allows multiple users to collaborate on files with versioning and permission features.

Effective Project Management

Group task management with fast and easy full-text document searching.

Pay-as-you-go Pricing

No minimums. Start with free 50MB storage* and grow as needed.

Manage projects and collaborate on documents next door or around the world!

Premiere Sharepoint provides a cloud-based platform for file sharing, collaboration, project-tracking and content management. Powered by Microsoft Sharepoint 2010, its the total collaboration and content management solution.

Premiere Sharepoint coupled with Premiere Flex™ email service alleviates two IT headaches with one trusted provider.

Stress-free Document Workflow Control. Use your Premiere Apps/Exchange/Flex™ email accounts to login to Sharepoint and manage your documents all in one place.

Collaborate from anywhere with everyone!

Provides a secure a location to keep valuable records & documents: searchable, synchronized, and available, even on the go.

Focus on higher business priorities.

Share ideas and expertise, create custom solutions, find the best business intelligence for optimal decisions, and cut training costs. Premiere Sharepoint saves you time so you can concentrate on making your organization even more successful!

With Premiere Sharepoint you get all the benefits of an in-house file server, a project management server and a document sharing service all in one easy-to-use, powerful solution! Best of all, there's no hardware or software to configure or manage. We take care of it all!

Features & Benefits

  • No hardware or licenses needed
  • Integration with key MS Office programs
  • Preconfigured SharePoint site tools with free site templates
  • Save on database cost; Free up to 50MB. Add more storage only/if as needed
  • Two-way calendar sync integrates Microsoft Outlook and Sharepoint calendars.
  • Offline sync of Sharepoint documents in Outlook
  • Two-way task list sync - SharePoint team tasks and Outlook tasks
  • Sync Sharepoint RSS feeds to Outlook
  • Built-in Sentinel™ provides protection from viruses, worms, trojans, spyware, and other malware to safeguard your Sharepoint environment from contamination.
  • Advanced Sharepoint monitoring automatically identifies and responds to any issues, so you don't have to.
  • Backup and Restore for Sharepoint Environment (optional) secures your critical Sharepoint data and offers added peace of mind.

* Free 50MB storage only for existing Premiere Exchange or Premiere Apps customers.