Premiere Apps™

Complete Collaboration

Enterprise email, calendar and contacts, in an easy-to-use interface.

Save Money

Get full email and collaboration, for large company capabilities at a small business price.

Value & Reliability

Business-class communications without the expense of in-house hardware, software and personnel.

Stay Connected

Email, contact, calendars and tasks pushed directly to your mobile phone.

The power to securely manage email from any web browser or the device of your choice

With Premiere Apps™ get big company collaboration and email at a value price. Access all the benefits of a desktop program without being tied to the desktop. Log into Premiere Apps™ from your desktop, laptop, or mobile phone, and get instant access to email, calendars, contacts, tasks, and notes.

Premiere Apps™ includes award-winning DigiTar Sentinel Messaging™ advanced spam blocking, which eliminates 99%+ of spam, cyber threats and >90% of spam-related costs. With 25GB basic mailboxes and up to 50MB attachments, Premiere™ stores massive amounts of emails and large attachments without limitations. Daily automatic backups and secure encryption keeps valuable business data safe and confidential.

No Ads

We never scan your email for advertising opportunities, and we don't advertise our service with tag lines on your outgoing mail. Our data centers are designed to keep your data safe from all physical and technical threats. We are committed to keeping your personal & confidential information private

Mobile Sync

Get full ActiveSync mobile synchronization for your iPhone, Android or Windows Phone! Calendar, contacts and email are all at your fingertips on the road!

Premiere Apps delivers low cost, advanced cyber security, NeverLost™ messages, uninterrupted service, premium support, and more!

Also, consider Premiere Flex! Mix and match Premiere Apps mailboxes with Premiere Exchange mailboxes on the same domain! Save cost while giving Exchange to those who need it ---- without the hassle of managing it yourself!

Premiere Apps is a fantastic solution for companies wanting full collaboration and email functionality at a very affordable price!

Features & Benefits

  • Access to mail, calendar, contacts, tasks, and notes from one web-based application
  • Full synchronization for iPhone®, Android and Windows Phone.
  • Complete business eComm solution - One Provider
  • Low cost, reliable, secure
  • Maximize savings: Mix Exchange & DigiTar Apps hosted business email and save
  • View/share/edit users' calendars
  • Share calendar outside of your domain with iCal support
  • Maintain and track task lists
  • Create group contact lists
  • 25GB mailboxes (hold about 20 years of email)
  • 50MB attachments (approx. 500 JPEG images)
  • Sentinel Messaging™ personalized mail filtering and premium spam and virus protection
  • Backup & retrieval: Your data is securely backed up multiple times a day. Delete an email? No problem.
  • Unlimited secure archiving email storage (Optional)
  • Painless e-mail retention & legal compliance
  • Enjoy reliable business-class eComm, and eliminate the in-house high cost of hardware/software & maintenance expenses.