September 10, 2017

Expanded Safe Search Protection for Facebook, Wikipedia, & Twitter Search Filtering

Pressemitteilung / Press Release

DigiTar, Inc. Announces another Major  Security Technology Breakthrough!

September 2017; (Boise, ID USA): – DigiTar, Inc. announced today, advanced New High Technology Safeguard Capabilities have been added to Its’ WebProtectMe™ Mobile Devices Cloud Services protection platform.

What is it?

DigiTar is pleased to announce a major expansion in the number of sites available for WebProtectMe™ Safe Search to include Wikipedia, Twitter & Facebook. This adds to our existing Safe Search support for Google, Youtube, Yahoo, Bing, Vimeo & Tumblr.

What’s the Benefit?

Rather than blocking sites like Wikipedia and Twitter entirely, you can now allow them and WebProtectMe will automatically filter searches for salacious terms like “sex”, “porn” and other offensive terms… …including the ones you define! (custom search filter terms are a Premium feature)

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