Jun 6, 2018

DigiTar, Inc. Welcomes Dr. Gilbert Amelio to Advisory Board

Pressemitteilung / Press Release

Former Apple & National Semiconductor Executive Sees Great Potential in DigiTar Cloud Solutions-as-a-Service Products, for Current and Future eCommunications Markets.


Boise, Idaho, June 4, 2018 – DigiTar, Inc., Developer and Cloud Services Provider of next-generation Internet eCommunications Services, today announced that tech industry legend Dr. Gilbert Amelio has joined its Board of Advisors.

Dr. Amelio is the former President of Rockwell Communication Systems, a unit of Rockwell International, CEO of Apple Inc. (1994-1997) and National Semiconductor (1991-1996) and Senior Partner at Sienna Ventures.

As an advisory board member, Dr. Amelio will offer his expertise and guidance to DigiTar management on new products and funding program opportunities in the Private Capital Markets.

“I have reviewed DigiTar’s Premiere(TM) and WebProtectMe(TM) Cloud Services and believe them to be a key technological leap forward in the eCommunications industry,” Amelio said. “These Services are Client proven and I believe deliver Mobile Enterprise and Consumer web-threat protections and privacy benefits that are otherwise unavailable today in the eComm Market. They arrive at a time when mobile smart-device users are urgently looking for advanced protections from growing privacy vulnerabilities of mobile communications. DigiTar built these advanced eComm systems from the ground up with future requirements in mind and has done a wonderful job achieving them.”

Dr. Amelio earned a Ph.D. in physics from the Georgia Institute of Technology before beginning his career at Bell Laboratories in 1968. He has accumulated over 30 years of high technology and business leadership experience, managed businesses in semiconductors, telecommunications, and computers, and achieved a great number of businesses, scientific, and technological successes, including orchestrating the turnaround of a Fortune 500 company.

Dr. Amelio is an IEEE Fellow and has been awarded 16 patents. He has received numerous awards, including the Albert Einstein Award for lifetime achievement in the technology industry, the FIU Entrepreneur of the Year Award, the Masara Ibuka Consumer Electronics Award, and was named “Silicon Valley CEO of the Year” in 1993.

“Gil is a true legend in the technology industry and I am pleased to have his experience and expertise,” said DigiTar President, Dale Williams. “Gil’s involvement brings significant value to our DigiTar team and clients.”

Oct 2, 2017

WebProtectMe™ Initiates Real-Time Internet Detection of Emotional & Mental Health Vulnerabilities of Troubled Adults & Adolescents

Pressemitteilung / Press Release

October 2017 (Boise, ID USA): DigiTar announced today the enhancement of its WebProtectMe™ Mobile Device cloud protection services with advanced Mental Health Filtering Expertise known as BeCalmassistive streaming procedures.

BeCalm™: What is it?

Today, many teenagers, face some form of physical embarrassment or social stigma in their life causing them to react with “Self-Harm”; a growing phenomenon affecting both teenagers and adults, consisting of behaviors such as cutting, burning, over-dosing, pinching, causing damage to the skin and body and is most prevalent in teenage girls.

DISTRACTION is key to avoiding the temptation to self-harm. By immediately changing the thought processes and be actively challenged – the urge can pass. Using DigiTar’s WebProtectMe safe browser, all web search traffic is routed through our filtering servers to protect and secure search requests and data.

We also added BeCalm™ screening, as an extra level of advanced protection for our Premium Mobile Cloud protected subscribers. When BeCalm is enabled, WebProtectMe will continually analyze all web search requests for possible compulsive self-harming content or predispositions.

What’s the Benefit?

Immediate Intervention!  Self-Harm has a ”notice me” component, usually linked with depression, that’s compulsive and overwhelming. The person feels out of control and is unable to stop it once started.

BeCalm fosters the development of good mental health through early detection and prompt intervention.

Collaboration with Healthcare professionals, via WebProtectMe-Guardian reporting, provides progress and relapse evidence for young people, their families, and to help the individual enhance their resilience and sense of individual responsibility.

BeCalm focuses on early awareness and intervention in eating disorders, depression, anxiety, self-harm, and addiction.

Best of all, BeCalm™ is included with WebProtectMe™ Premium at no extra charge.

For more information on DigiTar, go to https://digitar.eu,  or contact

DigiTar, Inc. Investor Relations,
Fintresa Finanz & Treuhand, AG, Natan Rotenberg                                                          at rotenberg@fintresa.ch;    Telefon: Fon: + 41-61-971 7688.6

Sep 10, 2017

Expanded Safe Search Protection for Facebook, Wikipedia, & Twitter Search Filtering

Pressemitteilung / Press Release

DigiTar, Inc. Announces another Major  Security Technology Breakthrough!

September 2017; (Boise, ID USA): – DigiTar, Inc. announced today, advanced New High Technology Safeguard Capabilities have been added to Its’ WebProtectMe™ Mobile Devices Cloud Services protection platform.

What is it?

DigiTar is pleased to announce a major expansion in the number of sites available for WebProtectMe™ Safe Search to include Wikipedia, Twitter & Facebook. This adds to our existing Safe Search support for Google, Youtube, Yahoo, Bing, Vimeo & Tumblr.

What’s the Benefit?

Rather than blocking sites like Wikipedia and Twitter entirely, you can now allow them and WebProtectMe will automatically filter searches for salacious terms like “sex”, “porn” and other offensive terms… …including the ones you define! (custom search filter terms are a Premium feature)

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Jun 27, 2016

Microsoft Approves DigiTar, Inc. as Tier-1 Cloud Solution Provider for Microsoft

Pressemitteilung / Press Release

Boise, ID USA – 27 June 2016: DigiTar, Inc. today announces Microsoft’s Approval of DigiTar, Inc. for Microsoft’s Tier-1 Cloud Solution Provider “CSP” program.

Starting today DigiTar owns the complete Microsoft customer lifecycle, allowing it to easily sell Office 365™ and Windows Intune™ subscriptions and help customers take advantage of cloud services by owning the entire billing process and directly managing support.

“To meet the growing demand of our cloud-based solutions, we’re thrilled to expand the capabilities for cloud partners under the Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider Program,” said Phil Sorgen, corporate vice president, Worldwide Partner Group at Microsoft Corp. “ By joining the Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider Program, partners will deepen customer relationships and expand business opportunities in the cloud.”

“DigiTar has innovated in cloud technologies for more than a decade and believes that joining the Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider program allows us to build stronger relationships with our customers and provide them with the best cloud solutions to propel their business.” said DigiTar President, Dale Williams.

Jun 2, 2016

Guten Tag, Bonjour, Goededag & Hello from Amsterdam!

Announcing DigiTar’s New WebProtectMe™ European Web filtering Center in Amsterdam!

What can Users expect?
  • In Central Europe, Germany, France, Benelux and the UK, enjoy your Web Search pages displayed on your Mobile devices up to 100x faster.
  • Throughout Europe, WebProtectMe’s super-smart “geo-load-balancing” service will automatically direct your search to the closest filtering center to your IP address.
  • Also, with the New Amsterdam Center, DigiTar’s WebProtectMe protection service has the fastest routes to our Eastern Europe and the Middle East customers.
  • The WebProtectMe Safe Browser checks every 30 minutes to make sure you’re using DigiTar’s best & closest filtering center. Everything happens automatically, no user actions required!
Jun 1, 2016

Announcing DigiTar’s WebProtectMe™ Web Filtering Protection Services approved and available in Israel!

An exciting milestone & new opportunities event!

  • Israel can now enjoy advanced Web protection while Searching webpages on their Mobile devices at speeds previously unavailable.
  • Throughout Europe, WebProtectMe’s super-smart “geo-load-balancing” service will automatically direct your search to the closest filtering center to your IP address.
  • WebProtectMe’s super-smart “geo-load-balancing” service will automatically direct your search to the closest filtering center to your IP address.
  • The WebProtectMe Safe Browser checks every 30 minutes to make sure you’re using DigiTar’s best & closest filtering center. Everything happens automatically, no user actions required!
  • High Performance – DigiTar’s New Amsterdam Center provides WebProtectMe protection services with the fastest execution routes to our new Israel customers.
May 20, 2016

WebProtectMe Safe Browser 2.0.30 is out!

iCloud-assisted setup,
iPad Pro optimized
& bug fixes.

We’ve been hard at work on enhancing Safe Browser with new features, and a few important bug fixes (there’s more goodies coming soon too!).

We’re proud to announce a few new features…

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Sep 14, 2015

WebProtectMe Safe Browser 2.0.16

Safe Browser 2.0 is out! Special features for iOS 9!

Try browsing Handoff, Spotlight history & bookmark search, Split View & more!

We’ve been hard at work on enhancing Safe Browser with exciting new features, including special features for iOS 9! This is our biggest release since 1.0!

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Mar 27, 2015

Church Keeps Families Safe & Accountable Online

Kids stumble on graphic pictures. Lonely students search for information on violence and suicide. Good men and husbands struggle with the powerful temptation of pornography.

These aren’t problems that affect other people; they’re hard challenges our families deal with.

Big Bear Baptist WPM Flyer

Luke Angus at First Baptist Church of Big Bear Valley was searching for a way to help families in the community ensure the positive web experiences they wanted. First Baptist reaches roughly 150 kids in their area in middle school, high school, and some college age as well.

“There aren’t that many solutions for families out there, and everything I tested left a lot to be desired,” said Luke. It was then he discovered WebProtectMe. Its family and parental controls acted less like a snooping hall monitor and more like a trusted trail guide, helping families keep away from the dangers and pitfalls of the full internet in their pocket while providing peace of mind and increased trust for every member of the family.

“What impressed me the most is it actually works as a web browser. That was the biggest problem with the other solutions I tried: They were very slow and crashed so much, they were just unusable.”  A child might have to live with that, but no teenager or adult would put up with it, Luke explained. He was surprised when WebProtectMe not only provided great filtering, but was actually reliable and well maintained—crafted with the web experience an adult would expect.

Protecting Families & Guiding Accountability

“The search for a solution started with our high school guys group…it’s a pretty powerful thing for a teenage guy to ask his parents for help staying accountable rather than the other way around.  Apple’s built-in parental controls were largely worthless…so many false positives I had to go through nearly every site on a regular basis and whitelist each one. WebProtectMe’s ability to whitelist sites remotely is genius and incredibly helpful. Some of my high school guys served as testers for  other safe browser apps, and within a few days, not a single guy would continue using them. They were not well maintained or developed—slow, crashy, and unreliable.

WebProtectMe has worked really well and they’ve been very supportive of us and our program.”

Luke Angus, Associate Pastor, First Baptist Church of Big Bear Valley

Mar 12, 2015

Safe Browser 1.10 is out! Search Phrase Blocking, Tumblr Safe Search, and SafeArmor Privacy!

We’ve been hard at work on enhancing Safe Browser with new Safe Search features and even better Privacy!

So we’re proud to announce our expanded safe searching features:

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